Teddy Bear

Just the other day I went to McDonalds
I walked up to the counter for a Big Mac
She was waiting there handing out the burgers
I watched her move as she went to the back
I said: (various screams/screeches)
She said is that all I said yeah I guess so
I think that’s all yeah that’ll do
She said are you sure, are you sure that’s all, are you sure old man is that all you want
I said (various screams/screeches)
I met her at my place later on
She came to my place later on
She started sweeping up, cleaning my apartment
She said I’m tired, can I stay the night?
I had a teddy bear locked up in the closet
I felt bad for him so alone
So I went into him I said “Hello old friend”
I rubbed him on the head and we both started to sing
We said (various scream/songs)