June 9, 2014 – Private Event – Boston, MA

There She Goes, Comin’ on Home, Cool Me Down, House on a Hill, Butterfly & The Tree, Into The Mystic, Suzanna Walker, True Love, Atlantic City, Broken Road, 2nd Red Barn On The Right, Ride All Night, I Only Want, I’m Your Man, Mess, Raindance, Fruitful Acre

E: Maybe We Will

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December 5, 2014 – State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ

Set 1: If The Wind Blows, Radio On, Let Go, Cool Me Down, Sunshine, Head, Walk On By, Wide Open Wide, I Only Way, Rain Dance, Fruitful Acre

Set 2: There She Goes, Comin’ On Home, Butterfly & The Tree, Where Songs Begin, Once In A While, It’s Gettin Dirty, All I Can Do, Suzanne Walker, Way To Go Pam, 2nd Red Barn On The Right, Maybe We Will

Encore: Rock & Roll

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February 28, 2014 – The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ

Set 1: Kick It On, There She Goes, Cool Me Down, Relationships Are Strange, Butterfly & The Tree, Old Man & The Land, Parachute, Ride All Night, Second Red Barn On The Right, Way To Go Pam

Set 2: Bang That Drum, Radio On, Comin on Home, It’s Gettin Dirty, I’m Your Man, Broken Road, I Only Want, Raindance, Mess, Charlie Hogan, Head, Fruitful Acre

Encore: The Ballad of Todd & Tracy, Maybe We Will

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