December 20, 2013 – Newton Theater – Newton, NJ

Set 1: Comin’ On Home, Relationships Are Strange, Parachute, House on a Hill, Giving Tree, How Long, 2nd Red Barn On The Right, Butterfly & The Tree, There She Goes>Take A Walk On The Wild Side>There She Goes, Goin’ Out

Set 2: Bangin’ Out A Melody, Radio On, It’s Gettin Dirty, Where Songs Begin, Decision Song, Mystery Man, All I Can Do, The Ballad of Todd & Tracy, Suzanna Walker, Wide Open Wide, Way To Go Pam

Enc: Charlie Hogan, Rock & Roll

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December 27, 2013 – Mountain Lakes Club – Mountain Lakes, NJ

Dance A Hole, Suzanna Walker, Cool Me Down, There She Goes, Ride All Night, Parachute, Like A River, Old Man & The Land, Broken Road, It’s Gettin Dirty, I’m Your Man, Raindance, Butterfly & The Tree, 2nd Red Barn On The Right, Into The Mystic, Fruitful Acre

Enc: Promised Land, Mess>10th Avenue Freeze Out, Cheating At The Club, Maybe We Will

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September 14, 2013 – Sheridan’s Tavern – Newton, NJ

Set 1: Comin on Home, Suzanna Walker, There She Goes, Ride All Night, Broken Road, Parachute, Old Man & The Land, What Is This Stuff, Butterfly & The Tree, Way To Go Pam, Rock & Roll

Set 2: Second Red Barn On The Right, Relationships Are Strange, Head, Atlantic City, Mystery Man, New Hat, If The Wind Blows, All I Can Do (w/ Happy Birthday Dan), Wide Open Wide, Mess>10th Avenue Freeze Out, Raindance, Fruitful Acre

E: Radio On, Cheating At The Club, I’m Your Man, The Ballad of Todd & Tracy
E2: Maybe We Will

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May 27, 2012 Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NY

Set I: 2nd Red Barn on the Right, Fruitful Acre, Dance a Hole, The Giving Tree, Parachute, True Love, Boulevard of Dreams, Relationships Are Strange, Way to Go Pam, Up on Cripple Creek

Set II: Bang That Drum, There She Goes, Butterfly and the Tree, Charlie Hogan, Wake, Where The Songs Begin, Ride All Night, Cold Mountain, Broken Road, Mess, Raindance, Comin’ on Home

E: Ice Cream, I’m Your Man, Maybe We Will

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June 3, 2012 – Michael Arnone’s Crawfish Fest – Sussex County NJ

2nd Red Barn On The Right, Suzanna Walker, Butterfly & The Tree, There She Goes, Giving Tree, Up On Cripple Creek, If The Wind Blows, Bang That Drum, I Only Want, Ride All Night, Broken Road, Fruitful Acre (w/ Steve O), Mess, Don’t Wanna Hang Up My Rock n Roll Shoes, Comin’ On Home, Raindance
Encore: Maybe We Will
Encore2: Maybe We Will Reprise

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August 5, 2012 – Ari Jaffess/Shoshana Rudnick Wedding – The Rockleigh – Rockleigh, NJ

Fruitful Acre, Comin’ On Home, If the Wind Blows, Radio On, Hora, Into The Mystic

Ferris Wheel Waltz, Through The Years, You Ain’t Going Nowhere, Celebrate, Bless This House, Not Fade Away (w/ Kathy Giordano), Maybe We Will, Women Are Smarter (sung by Rob Calabrese), Happy Birthday, I’m Your Man, Brokedown Palace, Atlantic City, Grandma’s Apple Dumplings, Mess

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November 21, 2012 – Mayo Performing Arts Center- Morristown, NJ

Set 1: Raindance, Maybe We Will, Charlie Hogan, Parachute, Atlantic City, Relationships Are Strange, Black Elk Speaks, Butterfly & The Tree, The Ballad of Todd & Tracy

Set 2: Fruitful Acre, Mess, Dance A Hole, I Found You, There She Goes, Decision Song, Broken Road, Wide Open Wide, I’m Your Man, 2nd Red Barn On The Right, Comin On Home

Encore: The Ballad of Todd & Tracy Reprise, Grandma’s Apple Dumplings

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