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The boys are going to be back at the Newton theater for the traditional Holiday Run.  Don’t miss out, sell-outs are the norm.

Tickets are on sale, see the Shows link

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The genesis of From Good Homes dates back to a high school band, when childhood friends Todd Sheaffer, Brady Rymer, and Patrick Fitzsimmons came together in rural, Northwestern New Jersey. Originally called “Old Crow”, and later evolving into “The Dogs”, the core line-up remained. With the addition of Dan Myers in 1988, and Jamie Coan in 1990, the band From Good Homes was fully formed.

Named after a judge’s explanation for leniency after the young band broke in to a club to finish their set, the band “from good homes” released 5 albums during their career- 3 of which were released by RCA Records. Their upbeat approach, solid songwriting, and unique sound allowed them to quickly develop a dedicated following on the touring circuit...

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June 9, 2014 – Private Event – Boston, MA

There She Goes, Comin’ on Home, Cool Me Down, House on a Hill, Butterfly & The Tree, Into The Mystic, Suzanna Walker, True Love, Atlantic City, Broken Road, 2nd Red Barn On The Right, Ride All Night, I Only Want, I’m Your Man, Mess, Raindance, Fruitful Acre

E: Maybe We Will

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December 5, 2014 – State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ

Set 1: If The Wind Blows, Radio On, Let Go, Cool Me Down, Sunshine, Head, Walk On By, Wide Open Wide, I Only Way, Rain Dance, Fruitful Acre

Set 2: There She Goes, Comin’ On Home, Butterfly & The Tree, Where Songs Begin, Once In A While, It’s Gettin Dirty, All I Can Do, Suzanne Walker, Way To Go Pam, 2nd Red Barn On The Right, Maybe We Will

Encore: Rock & Roll

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February 28, 2014 – The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ

Set 1: Kick It On, There She Goes, Cool Me Down, Relationships Are Strange, Butterfly & The Tree, Old Man & The Land, Parachute, Ride All Night, Second Red Barn On The Right, Way To Go Pam

Set 2: Bang That Drum, Radio On, Comin on Home, It’s Gettin Dirty, I’m Your Man, Broken Road, I Only Want, Raindance, Mess, Charlie Hogan, Head, Fruitful Acre

Encore: The Ballad of Todd & Tracy, Maybe We Will

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December 22, 2013 – Newton Theater – Newton, NJ

Set 1: True Love, Bang That Drum, Giving Tree, Suzanna Walker, There She Goes, Like A River, Can’t Hide Me, Ice Cream, Heroes

Set 2: Broken Road, Cool Me Down, Where Songs Begin, Souvenirs, Way Down Inside, I Only Want, Blues, Old Man & The Land, Butterfly & The Tree, 2nd Red Barn On The Right, Celebrate, Maybe We Will

Enc: Tracy Reprise>Sweet Jane, Comin’ On Home

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December 21, 2013 – Newton Theater – Newton, NJ

Set 1: If The Wind Blows, Drivin n Cryin, Black Elk Speaks, Day Is Alive, Get Away From It All, Warhead Boogie, Wake, Ride All Night, Broken Road, Grandma’s Apple Dumplings

Set 2: Dance A Hole, Let Go, Into The Black, Boulevard of Dreams, It Don’t Come Easy, Go Wild, I’m Your Man, Mess>Rock Steady, Fruitful Acre, Head, Raindance

Enc: Scudder’s Lane, One More Saturday Night

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