August 7, 1999 – Waterloo Village Concert Tent – Stanhope, NJ (Farewell show)

SET I: Charlie Loves Our Band, Celebrate, The Butterfly & The Tree, There She Goes, Ride All Night, The Giving Tree*, Where The Songs Begin*, Boulevard Of Dreams, Bang That Drum, 2nd Red Barn On The Right**

SET II: Rachel’s Toast (band is presented with gifts from fans), The Old Man & The Land, Radio On, Head* –> Drum solo*, Scudders Lane, I Want To Live***, If The Wind Blows, I’m Your Man, Rain Dance, Comin’ On Home****

ENCORE I: Sing Those Hymns (traditional bluegrass tune), Maybe We Will

ENCORE II: Broken Road

* w/Brian from Guster on bongos
** w/Len Mooney on piano
*** w/Laurie Cagno & Suzanne Kerrington on vocals
**** w/Steve-o Nelson on rubboard